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Tura Turi

Tura Turi: Where Art and Culture Collide for Kids

In the enchanting world of Tura Turi, art isn't just a medium of expression; it's a gateway to a vibrant tapestry of Indian culture. Founded by the dynamic duo of Priyanka and Payal, Tura Turi emerges as a beacon of creativity, weaving together the rich heritage of India with contemporary flair. However, what sets Tura Turi apart isn't just its exquisite craftsmanship; it's the special emphasis on children.

With an innate understanding of the importance of early exposure to culture and tradition, Tura Turi crafts a kaleidoscope of designs specially curated for kids. From whimsical prints to playful motifs, every creation at Tura Turi is tailored to ignite young imaginations and instill a sense of pride in Indian heritage. So, whether it's adorning a nursery with vibrant quilts or gifting a little one with a story-filled piece of clothing, Tura Turi stands as the epitome of artistry tailored for the youngest connoisseurs of culture.


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