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Silai Studio: Bridging Tradition and Modernity

Ever since its establishment in 2014, Silai Studio has been a shining example of India's textile legacy, fusing age-old artistry with modern design principles. Silai Studio creates apparel that is not only cosy and fashionable but also firmly ingrained in Indian culture through painstaking weaving, printing, and embroidery techniques. The company launched MAIDAAN in 2022 as a label geared towards the modern Indian consumer looking for a blend of traditional and modern looks. Although Silai Studio sells its products in physical storefronts all throughout India, MAIDAAN only uses its e-commerce platform to reach customers worldwide. By appealing to a wide range of preferences and honouring India's rich textile legacy, this calculated decision highlights the brand's dedication to accessibility and sustainability. Silai Studio is committed to innovating while maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship. This allows them to seamlessly combine modern and traditional elements to create classic pieces that appeal to a global clientele.


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