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Ragini Ahuja's ikai Transforms Tradition into Individual Expression

In 2012, Ragini Ahuja set out to translate her values into a unique form of self-expression: wearable art.

ikai, a brand that embodies "fierce femininity, self-expression, and empowerment" through its timeless, practical clothing.

Each ikai piece is a canvas for Ahuja's artistic vision. Her eccentric artworks and illustrations adorn the brand's globally-inspired artisanal clothing, crafted from locally sourced, natural, and hand-woven fabrics.

This fusion of global and local influences creates a distinctive style that Ahuja calls "calm rebellion" - a subtle yet powerful way to challenge traditional expectations and express your individuality.

Handcrafted with Heart:

The heart of ikai lies in its commitment to Indian craftsmanship.

This dedication to ethical and sustainable practices ensures that each ikai garment is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also carries the story of its creation.


ikai's dedication to innovation and quality has been recognized on the international stage. The brand has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including:

1. Winner, Country Award, International Fashion Showcase 2017 (London Fashion Week): This prestigious award acknowledges ikai's ability to stand out among international talent during London Fashion Week - a major event showcasing global trends and innovation. Receiving recognition at this level signifies ikai's unique contribution to the international fashion landscape.

2. First Runner-Up, Vogue India Fashion Fund 2014: This award is highly coveted by emerging Indian designers. Reaching the final stages of this prestigious competition indicates the industry's early recognition of ikai's potential and its alignment with contemporary fashion trends.

3. Winner, Grazia Young Fashion Award 2015: This award specifically recognizes the talent and promise of young designers. Receiving this acknowledgment early in ikai's journey demonstrates the brand's innovative approach and potential for future success.

4. Winner, Elle Graduates 2014 (awarded scholarship to Istituto Marangoni, Milan): This unique award not only acknowledges Ahuja's design talent but also highlights her dedication to honing her craft. Winning the scholarship to Istituto Marangoni, a renowned fashion school, further fueled her creative journey and provided exposure to a global fashion perspective.

5. Winner, Tigre Blanc Award for best garment during Vogue India Fashion Fund 2014: This specific award focuses on the execution and quality of a single garment. Winning this award emphasizes ikai's commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and creating garments that stand out for their exceptional construction and design.

6. First Runner Up, Student Design Award 2009 (World of Wearable Art, New Zealand): While not directly related to ikai, this early recognition showcases Ahuja's talent and potential even before launching her brand. This award foreshadowed her future success in creating innovative and impactful designs.


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