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Lajjoo takes an alternative route in a time when being "modern" frequently means letting go of the past and "being heard" means standing out above the crowd. Established in 1999, this Indian design firm intentionally retreats, giving genuineness and legacy first priority in a world fixated on quantity.

Their approach celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian traditions passed down through generations. Intricate techniques like zardozi and aari, vibrant weaves like bandhini and marodi, and luxurious fabrics like chanderi and velvet—these are the whispers of the past that Lajjoo breathes new life into.

They revisit cherished techniques, reimagine intricate embroidery, and reinterpret timeless weaves, creating designs that resonate with the modern woman. It's not a rejection of modernity but a thoughtful integration of heritage into a contemporary context.

Lajjoo's commitment to "understated luxury" is not merely an aesthetic choice. It's a philosophy that reflects a deep respect for the craft and the artisans who keep these traditions alive. Their creations whisper tales of generations past, carrying the weight of history while remaining grounded in the present.

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