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Unveiling Childhood Elegance: The Genesis of Hopscotch

Rahul Anand, an alumnus of Harvard Business School, embarked on a transformative journey with the founding of Hopscotch, driven by a profound realization of India's unparalleled potential in the global children's market. Recognizing India's distinguished heritage in textile looms and manufacturing, Rahul laid the cornerstone of Hopscotch in 2012, with a vision to redefine childhood fashion. From the earliest stages of infancy to the playful years of childhood, Hopscotch stands as a beacon of style and sophistication, curating the most fashionable and on-trend ensembles for every precious moment. With an unwavering commitment to elegance and inclusivity, Hopscotch ensures that every child exudes confidence and joy, embracing each occasion with unparalleled grace and flair.


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