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From Jaipur's Heart: Celebrating Heritage and Empowering Women

Established in 2023, a brand with a story to tell—this is the essence of Kahva. Founded by Shraddha Dadhich, Rishita Sharma, and Aabhar Dadhich, the brand emerged from a shared passion—to empower the local artisans of Jaipur and celebrate the magic of block printing. Jaipur's Block Prints: A Legacy Woven into Comfort Kahva recognises the power of Jaipur's block prints. These intricate designs, far from being culturally specific, hold the unique ability to transcend borders and unite people through their artistry. The brand's garments are a canvas for this rich heritage, crafted from the finest cotton and bearing the soul of Jaipur's block printing tradition. A Celebration of Womenhood and Shared Stories Every piece from Kahva is more than just clothing. It's a tribute to the skilled artisans who breathe life into each intricate motif. The brand celebrates womanhood in all its forms, transcending age and societal boundaries. Their designs resonate with women across the nation, fostering a connection that transcends generations. Kahva aspires to be more than just a clothing line. It aims to be a conversation starter, a bridge between generations, and a celebration of heritage woven into comfortable, stylish pieces.

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