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Cottons: Weaving Threads of Tradition and Compassion

In the quaint town of Bagru, Rajasthan, a testament to the rich heritage of Indian textile printing stands proudly—the Titanwala Museum. This unique establishment, dedicated to preserving the centuries-old art of hand block printing, owes part of its existence to Cottons, a brand synonymous with the revival and celebration of traditional Indian fabrics. In February 2019, the museum was inaugurated by Smt. Smriti Irani, shining a spotlight on the contributions of Shri Suraj Narain Titanwala, a National Awardee Printer whose life's work is now immortalized within its walls.

The Titanwala Museum houses an impressive collection that includes photographs, fabrics, wooden blocks, tools, and vessels, each telling the story of the intricate and labour-intensive process of hand block printing. This art form, which has been passed down through generations, is not just about creating fabric but is a language of its own, speaking volumes about the culture, traditions, and history of Rajasthan. By partly funding this museum, Cottons has not only helped preserve a crucial part of India's textile heritage but has also contributed to the education and inspiration of future generations.

Beyond its commitment to cultural preservation, Cottons is also deeply involved in supporting various social causes. The brand has partnered with "UMANG," an NGO dedicated to the rehabilitation of persons with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, and multiple disabilities. Cottons promotes the sale of products made by the children of UMANG through its retail outlets on a no-profit basis, thereby providing these individuals with a platform to showcase their talents and gain financial independence.

Understanding the importance of a motivated workforce, Cottons has implemented an employee value proposition system within its HR policy. This initiative ensures that employees receive benefits beyond what is mandated by law, fostering a work environment that is not only productive but also nurturing and supportive.

In its mission to contribute to rural development, Cottons funds the 'Kachnaar Charitable Trust,' run by volunteers from the company. The trust's primary focus is on the development of Bhairupura village, near Alwar, Rajasthan. Through its efforts, the trust aims to improve the quality of life for rural communities by addressing various socioeconomic issues.

Cottons' multifaceted approach to business, where profit and purpose go hand in hand, sets a remarkable example for companies worldwide. By investing in cultural preservation, social causes, and employee welfare, Cottons not only enriches the fabric of society but also weaves a legacy of compassion and responsibility. Through its actions, Cottons demonstrates that businesses have the power and the responsibility to make a positive impact on the world, proving that success is not just measured by financial gain but by the difference one makes in the lives of others.



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