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Amutham Fashion

Celebrating Tradition: The Story Behind Amutham Fashions

In the vibrant world of Indian ethnic wear, Monisha stands as the visionary founder of Amutham Fashions, an online boutique catering exclusively to the youngest members of the family. Founded in March 2020, this boutique is not just about clothing; it's a homage to tradition, deeply rooted in Monisha's heartfelt connection to her heritage and her mother, Amutha.

Amutham Fashions offers a delightful array of ethnic and casual attire for newborns up to 3 years old, ensuring that every special occasion, from festivals to family gatherings, is adorned with grace and style. From the intricate weaves of Pattu Pavadai to the timeless charm of Kerala Kasavu collections, every piece reflects the rich tapestry of Indian culture, creating cherished memories for families across the globe.


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